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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales.

Hosted CRM allows organizations and individuals to use the benefits and features of MS Dynamics CRM 4.0, without having any concerns about server and software management.
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Availability & up time

HostedCRM will be up and running for the customer within 8 working hours after receipt of all user information. HostedCRM will have a guaranteed availability (i.e. ability to receive and transmit data from and to the server) of 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluded scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance and force majeure.



HostedCRM will not be available under following events:

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Scheduled Maintenance activities will be scheduled at times that minimize the impact on customers. Scheduled maintenance will always be announced at least 2 business days in advance, except for maintenance that is planned within the fixed maintenance window on Thursdays between 2 and 3.
  • Emergency Maintenance: Critical patches, upgrades and fixes are defined as security patches from Microsoft (or other vendors) that are recommended by such vendors to be implemented immediately, or software/hardware modifications that repair or prevent Hosted Exchange service- impairing situations. These emergency procedures will be scheduled at any time. Hostbasket will make reasonable efforts to provide Customer with advanced notice prior to applying critical patches, updates, or fixes.
  • Force Majeure Events: Events beyond Hostbasket's reasonable control that cause a delay or failure in the performance of Hostbasket's obligations under this SLA., including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, terrorism, embargo, fire or other acts of God, labor disturbances, Internet system unavailability, virus attacks, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications, or hackers, failure of third party software.

99,9% UP TIME !


Hostbasket guarantees that the network will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluded scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance and force majeur.