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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales.

Hosted CRM allows organizations and individuals to use the benefits and features of MS Dynamics CRM 4.0, without having any concerns about server and software management.
Free 30 day trial

  Shared CRM 4.0 Dedicated CRM 4.0
Storage space 500 MB 20 GB
Hardware Shared Dedicated CRM Server tailor-made
Database Shared Shared Power SQL Server database 20 GB
Standard support YES YES
Daily backup YES YES
Premium support option option
Integration with back-office systems NO option
Integration with active directory server NO option
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36 months agreement 39.00 per user per month starting at 65 per per user month
Setup FREE 600.00

Financial Terms

Invoicing will be done on a monthly basis on the 1st working day for the hosting services for the coming month, based on the maximum number of active users for that previous month. For the first month, the number of initial users will be the base for invoicing. For the last month, a corrective invoice will be made.

An active user is any physical or virtual user who has the right to access the software.

All invoices shall be paid in Euro, within 5 days as from invoice date.

In case Principal doesnt pay the invoices, Net IT will be entitled to suspend its services and to prohibit the use of all software, as described in this agreement, after having notified Customer by email or letter of such non-payment and in case Customer did not pay within 5 working days as from such notification. All originally agreed delivery times will then be deferred accordingly.

This service in a Shared Environment includes:

  • Use of the server infrastructure
  • Use of the MS Windows Server Operating System
  • Use of the MS SQL Server Software
  • Use of the MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 Software with all functionality (marketing, sales and service)
  • User guides (downloadable via the Net IT website for registered users)
  • Upgrades to newer versions of MS Dynamics CRM
  • Maintenance on hardware
  • Software Assurance on MS software
  • Server management: version & release management, user management, backup, antivirus, firewall
  • Bandwidth